Matt Butler

Thanks for viewing this website. I'm snapped here getting into my 1964 MG Midget MkII as life has to be fun. It could be a legacy for my sons to enjoy if it is still around when they are old enough to drive and if gasoline is still on sale. Creating music is something that lasts for a very long time indeed and I am proud of my hard-working approach to ensure clients have the best product and their fans enjoy the end result. I love the huge variety of work that I've done and am not shy to admit that some sessions are pretty 'heavy-duty' and not for the faint-hearted. To see the fans go nuts about songs crafted in the studio is the best thing - and rude not to go nuts too...

I am well aware that being in the recording studio means a great deal to clients: often it is their defining moment. Always it is big business for them and mostly some of the best times of our lives. If you are a Company that is starting, in the middle or about to end a project and you need a hand, please give me a call. I've mixed so much in so many places and I always want to have an end product that we are all so proud of. I'm used to dealing with budgets, ideas, mixing, arrangements, bars & beats, difficulties, celebrations, fears and above all: inspiration. Songwriters are the key to it all. If you are an individual that needs a team, then I can help. I was the first in the U.K. to have a 24-bit Pro Tools rig and have a band on the studio floor with it. As well as Pro Tools I use Logic, Ableton and of course tape! I mix at home, your place or the studio we choose. If you have a plan to make music and you need enthusiastic experience, why not bounce it with an email? You'll have my respect: we all want the same things after all.

Tel: +44 7960 612 555

Fax: +44 1432 880 990

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