Matt Butler

Hi and welcome to the website of Freelance Music Producer, Matt Butler.

I'm proud of my association with a great number of established World Class Artists, sharing in multiple aspects of their creative work. I desperately don't want to shout with photographs of me posing behind the mixing desk, tweaking the EQ; as the real work encompasses so much more than that. It is always about teamwork and creating music within an endless variety of moments and situations.

I can't resist showing some of my own pictures of A.I.R. Studios in London, as it has featured in much of what I have done - with only the very minimal amount of tweaking and posing...

I'm happy to share the enthusiasm of creating music and so include a selection of my clients listed out in no particular order. Plus there is a randomly presented 'gallery' of a few CD / Download Artwork covers from my work, to reveal my energy for it all. Please scroll down to view Tom Hooper on the drums behind far too many microphones and the buttons that display some of my clients and their product artwork.

Matt Butler

Writer Arranger Engineer

Tel: +44 7960 612 555

Fax: +44 1432 880 990

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